According to ancient Hindu believes Ayurveda was gifted to mankind by the Gods to help lead a healthy and fruitful life free from mortal ailments. Believed to be the oldest and most complete medical science known to mankind this is one primordial therapeutic discipline that is so amazingly in-depth yet so wonderfully simple to learn,practice and advocate that even 5000 years after it evolved it is one of the most-sought-after health sciences worldwide.

The primary reason for this is perhaps Ayurveda is homogeneous with Mother Nature and advocate a way of life in tandem with her.It focuses on holistic well- being and postulate that a healthy mind is found in a healthy body and vice-verse  and is absolutely essential to lead and live life to its fullest as Mother Nature intended. Today mankind has awakened to the importance of safeguarding Mother Nature and living in harmony with her and hence perhaps this renewed interest in Ayurveda.

as – Ayurveda is a holistic health science that  evolved down the ages in ancient India some 5000 years ago advocating a way of life in combination with diagnosing and curing ailments in perfect harmony with Mother Nature. Derived from Sanskrit Ayurveda is a compound word that implies two connected ideas – “the science of life”, and “the art of living”.

The mythical origin of Ayurveda is a fascinating story in itself. According to ancient Hindu Mythology the gods invoked Dhanwantari the Lord of Ayurveda from the ocean for the elixir of life by churning it with a mountain for a rod and Vasuki the giant serpent for a rope. However just as Dhanwantari emerged from the waters the demons snatched the elixir of life from him and it was only after a wily battle of wits with the demons that gods were able to retrieve the nature of life.!

Based on the primordial Indian philosophy of “Live and Let Live”, there are several aspects to Ayurveda, which distinguishes it from contemporary health care systems. It focuses on establishing and maintaining the balance of the life’s energies within us, rather than focusing individual symptoms. It recognizes the unique constitutional differences of all individuals and recommends different regimens for different people. Although two people may appear to have the same outward symptoms, their energetic constitutions may be very different and therefore call for very different remedies.

The Philosophy of Ayurveda:

Ayurveda draws its concepts and theories from Hindu schools of philosophy such as Samkhya, Yoga and Nyaya.
The fundamental doctrine of Ayurveda postulates that the five eternal of Space, Air,Earth,  Water, and Fire known as “Panchamahabhootha’ comprise the universe. The theory of Panchamahabhootha evolved in the post-Vedic period from 500 BC around the time that Upanishats- the primary spiritual teachings of ancient India were written.

Everything contained in the universe, including the human body is believed to be composed of these of Panchamahabhooda in
varying compositions. The quality and nature of all matter , living and non-living is dependent relative to the variation in
proportion of these elements. It is the divergence in the balance of these basic elements that lend distinct physical and chemical
characteristics to all that is found in nature. The only additional feature that living things are credited with is “Chaithnya’  OR
Spitit / Soul.

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