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Rs. 18297 / 7 days

Real Beauty comes from within, which is why we offer this beauty care program. It affords you a range of treatments from the traditional, more simple procedures of herbal packs, herbal cream massages, beauty lepanams, herbal steam baths to more serious treatments like Abhyangam, Udwarthana, Navarakizhi, and Dharas. These last four procedures not only improve your underlying heath but further improve your bodily appearance.

The more simple procedures – facial packs, lepanam, and facial massages make your complexion brighter, shiny, and healthy; they remove wrinkles, lift folds, and tone up the face’s muscles.

Abhyangam is general body massage to remove stress, revitalize each cell of the body by improving the blood circulation and subtle energy (prana) flows. Udwartana will breakdown excessive fat, including cellulites, plus remove the body’s tendency to retain water and expel toxins. Navarakizhi will bring a royal look to your skin – lustrious, well-nourished, and rejuvenated. A fourth procedure involves dharas that are very effective in curing scalp and hair problems, cure skin disorders, plus make the skin healthy as well as beautiful.

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